Hey guys, unfortunately the kitchen cam is temporary offline due to failing IP cams. I used three Digoo BB-M2 cams for the kitchen cam and one by one they stopped working a few weeks after the warranty period expired. I'll have to look into other IP cams to get this cam up and running again. One word of advice: DO NOT buy Digoo products, they will only work for about a year and then they'll stop working. I'm very disappointed by this.

Here you can watch and control a Digoo BB-M2 pan & tilt HD IP camera (equipped with it's original 3.6mm lens). If you don't see any image and/or are unable to load the login page there may be some connection issues or we temporarily disabled this cam for privacy reasons. In that case try again later.

Click HERE to control the cam (will work with Internet Explorer and Firefox/Chrome but only Internet Explorer will give you the 720p HD resolution).

Use the following info to log in >> User: cadecam - Password: may836

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