Monday, July 7, 2014

How to make the best Mobius Hat Cam

When I purchased my Mobius one of the things I wanted to use it for was as a Hat Cam. With a Hat Cam you can film from your eye's point of view and having your hands free at the same time, which is especially handy (no pun intended) when you need both hands such as with controlling R/C vehicles. But when you think of it, the possibilities with a Hat Cam are virtually endless.

There are several tutorials online explaining how to make a Hat Cam or Hat Cam mount (or you can buy expensive ready-made ones) but I was not happy with these versions (one example on the right) so I came up with my own solution for a Mobius Hat Cam.

My version is very discrete (Mobius can be placed on top AND underneath the bill making it even less noticeable), doesn't require modification (like drilling holes) to the cap itself (therefore can be used on different caps as well) and is inexpensive and very easy to make. Oh, and it works really well! :)

Below you'll find a tutorial how to make the sleekest looking Mobius Hat Cam yourself :)

1.) Firstly, sand the bottom of the supplied mounting bracket (or buy an extra one, like I did) with some sandpaper to get rid of the rubbery coating. Now things such as tape stick much better to the surface, which we will do in the next step.

2.) Make sure the surface you just sanded is clean and stick two pieces of double-sided tape (25 mm x 13 mm each) on the mounting bracket like on the picture below.

3.) Now to attach the Mobius mounting bracket to a hat or cap I came up with the idea to use a steel money clip for this purpose. I searched the internet for a suitable money clip in terms of size, looks and price and found the perfect one at Deal Extreme for just a few dollars. You can buy it here: (you will receive two money clips, but only need one for this project).

4.) Make sure the long, straight side of the money clip is clean (no fingerprints and such) and stick it onto the two pieces of double-sided tape exactly like on the pictures below.

5.) That's it! Your Mobius Hat Cam mount (or Mobius Hat Clip if you will) is done. With the Mobius installed it will look like this:

6.) Now pick any cap you like and slide the money clip onto the bill. You can choose to have the Mobius underneath the bill or on top of it. I personally prefer placing the Mobius underneath the bill of my cap because this way I can see the buttons and LED of the Mobius which makes it easier to operate and I can see if it's recording or not. Also, using your Mobius underneath the bill makes it less noticeable for other people.


  1. Thanks for the excellent tutorial. I'm doing exactly what you've done with my Möbius. Many thanks

  2. Randy--Smart idea. Question tho, by flipping the cam over in the mounting base will it record "upside-down" footage ?

    1. Hi! No, because you can flip the image of the camera as well. I have set my Mobius to "normal image" for "mode 1" and "upside down image" for "mode 2". So whenever I place the Mobius upside down (by placing it underneath the bill of a cap for example) I put it in "mode 2" so that the video will be flipped and will look normal.