Monday, May 26, 2014

Hubsan X4 V2 (H107L) mini quadcopter

As mentioned in my post about the Mobius Action Camera I'm interested in buying a quadcopter some day which is capable of lifting the Mobius to record some cool aerial videos. A medium-sized quadcopter would be ideal for that purpose (not too big and not too small). But then I started thinking that I don't have much flight experience yet and since quadcopters fly like helicopters they're not easy to control. I have owned a fixed pitch and coaxial helicopter in the past but never got any further then practicing with them before I got fed up and sold them again :).

So I figured that I first should get a smaller and cheaper quadcopter to improve my flying skills with :) (before I take the plunge with a larger and more expensive model). And that's why I got the Hubsan X4 V2, a mini quadcopter that sells for about 32 euro but has very mature flying characteristics.

It comes with a 2.4GHz transmitter, a small LiPo battery (240 mAh), an USB charger, an extra set of propellers and an user manual. The transmitter uses 4 AAA batteries which are not included.

I also bought 5 additional batteries of 380 mAh each to greatly increase the flying time and a prop guard so I can fly it inside the house without having to replace the props every time the X4 "kisses" the wall :).

To charge the batteries I use a wall charger for USB devices I already had lying around but you can also plug the charger into any regular computer USB port of course. The battery that comes with the X4 (240 mAh) gives a flying time of about 6 minutes, the additional blue batteries (380 mAh) run for about 11 minutes each.

Although the Hubsan X4 is very small it flies very stable and is great to fly indoors. But with no to little wind you can also fly it outside which is a blast! The X4 has two fly modes: normal and expert. In normal mode movement and speed of the quad are limited which is perfect for indoor flying. In expert mode the full potential of the X4 is unlocked and this is great for flying outdoors. I was surprised how fast it is in expert mode!

The X4 is robust too, I crashed it twice REAL hard (into a concrete floor) and apart from some scratches there was no damage! This is due to some innovative design where the arms of the quad consists of two pieces that snap out of place when you crash to absorb the impact. After the crash just click the two pieces together again and you're ready to go. For such a little and cheap quadcopter this is just amazing.

Here's a video of me flying the Hubsan X4 V2, recorded with the Mobius Action Camera mounted on a baseball cap that I was wearing (a hat cam):

I got my X4 (and accessories) from Banggood, but there are several places online where you can buy one. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, the Hubsan X4 is a great little quadcopter!

Note: after about 3 uses of the additional blue batteries they puffed up and didn't hold a charge anymore. I contacted Banggood and they sent me 5 new ones. These also became defective after about 3 uses so now I have 10 extra batteries that don't work. I wouldn't recommend buying these batteries, they're obviously garbage.


  1. Swelling lipo's very alarming...i would not keep those inside my house if i were you.