Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Site will be temporarily offline

The site will temporarily go offline later this evening. When it comes back online you can reach it by it's new domain name: www.cadecam.net.

That's right, I just couldn't let go of the CadeCam "brand" :) so I decided the site should have a real domain name again. Too bad the .com address (which I owned for the past 11 years) was already taken by some bogus advertising company so I settled for the .net address.

We wish everyone a happy new year and remember, after the downtime: CadeCam.net ;)

UPDATE 01-01-14 5:00 pm: the transition to the new domain name takes longer then expected so I put the site back online. When the new domain is working, I'll let you know.

UPDATE 04-01-14 1:07 am: the new domain CadeCam.net is up and running and we're back in business! :)

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